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Tagging Black Bears in West Virginia

Page history last edited by June Shanahan 11 years, 11 months ago

In my hometown with husband, dad, and National Geographic Biologist, Chris, tagging black bears.

---no kill---



Female - awake but tranquilized, chomping her jaws at us. My smile is 100% fake. I was scared.


Biologists measured teeth, estimating age of bears.


Pipe (on right) had a bucket of doughnuts to lure large male black bear.


Biologists measure width of paws in cm.


Female with tranquilizer dart...I still feel sad inside when I see this even though no bears were killed.


Chris - top bear biologist in West Virginia, preparing to take blood samples (ml).



WVDNR - West Virginia Department of Natural Resources

Interesting: I nuzzled my nose into both female and male's black fur and breathed in deeply. People always told me bears smell oh so bad. They smelled good to me...like the forest.


These are photos that make me smile!!! This is at the top of the mountain, on property that belongs to my girlfriend from New Jersey. She does not allow hunting on the entire mountain top, and this bear was never tranquilized, tagged, or harmed in any way. Note the deer grazing in the background. Photo taken on front porch of cabin that my dad built.


My favorite bench "thinking spot" to sit and reflect. This may be the bear's favorite spot to sit and reflect as well.



Adjectives: big, beautiful, burly

Noun: bear


Bear dogs...love the dogs, don't like what they are used for. Bear dogs did NOT like my husband, but loved me. The yellow dog in the middle especially did NOT like my husband at all.



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