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Analyze the following book, Thank You Mr. Falker. Is it a memoir? Why or why not?


Patricia Polacco
P.O. BOX 68
Union City, MI 49094



More books by Patricia Polacco 

Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln
Bun Bun Button
The Junk Yard Wonders
January's Sparrow
In Our Mother's House
Someone for Mr. Sussmann
For the Love of Autumn
The Lemonade Club
Ginger and Petunia
Something About Hensley's
Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare
Emma Kate
The Graves Family Goes Camping
Mommies Say Shhh!
An Orange for Frankie
John Philip Duck
Oh Look!
The Graves Family
"G" is for Goat
Christmas Tapestry
When Lightning Comes in a Jar
Mr. Lincoln's Way
Betty Doll
The Butterfly
Luba and the Wren
Welcome Comfort
Mrs. MacK
Thank You, Mr. Falker
In Enzo's Splendid Gardens
The Trees of the Dancing Goats
I Can Hear the Sun: A Modern Myth
Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
Babushka's Mother Goose
Babushka's Doll
My Ol' Man
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
Pink and Say
Tikvah Means Hope
Babushka Baba Yaga
The Bee Tree
Picnic at Mudsock Meadow
Mrs. Katz and Tush
Chicken Sunday
Some Birthday!
Appelemando's Dreams
Uncle Vova's Tree
Just Plain Fancy
Boat Ride With Lillian Two Blossom
Thunder Cake
The Keeping Quilt
Casey at the Bat
Rechenka's Eggs



























































When writing your memoir...


1.YOU are the only qualified author of your life stories

2.Research is simple—close your eyes and remember.

3.Take it one slice at a time.

4.We all have stories to tell.

5.Write your stories with passion, emotion, and truth; like you live your life. 6.Use dialogue, characterization, and setting to bring your story to life for the reader.






 Lesson plans and STUDENT MEMOIR SAMPLES. pdf


  • Thoreau at Walden by John Porcellino, from the writings of Henry David Thoreau ; introduction by D.B. Johnson. (Graphic novel memoir, easy reader)


  • Letting Swift River Go by Jane Yolen - Beautiful, almost poetic, account of a small New England town near Boston that was intentionally flooded. Science integration.


  • Rudi’s Pond by Eve Bunting 


  • Through Grandpa’s Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan 


  • My Rotten Redheaded Older Brotherby Patricia Polacco


  •  Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco


  • The Bracelet by Yoshiko Uchida 


  • Thundercake by Patricia Polacco


  • When I was little : a four-year-old's memoir of her youth by Jamie Lee Curtis



  • For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn. - Ernest Hemingway


  • I remember her fifty years later. - Cullen A., Indiana (Grand Prize Winner)

  • They doubted, you believed, I succeeded. - Phillip J., Wisconsin (Runner-Up)

  • Selflessly dedicated to someone else's success. - Amanda W., Nevada (Runner-Up)

  • Teachers hold the ladders students climb. - Rebecca H., Pennsylvania (Runner-Up)

  • All thirty students raised their hand. - William S., Washington (Runner-Up)

  • Spark interest. Ignite curiosity. Fuel dreams. - Jackie K., Texas (Runner-Up)

  • Encouraging the discouraged to defy obstacles. - Karen M., Illinois

  • Point out the stars. Provide rockets. - Adam L., Illinois

  • Instill knowledge; invoke passion; inspire greatness. - Vishak V., California

  • Planting the seed of I can. - Sinora W., Illinois

  • Open books, open minds, open doors. - Nancy M., Arizona

  • I struggled; she never gave up. - Scarlet W., Tennessee




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Alex said

at 6:58 pm on Sep 23, 2011

Aww! The word memoir brings back so many memories!!! I just watched the video of my graduation memoir earlier. :')

June Shanahan said

at 8:33 pm on Sep 23, 2011

I remember how I was pulling my hair out, struggling to choose a memoir! That was hard to choose only ONE when they were all so great!

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