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Multiple Intelligence

Page history last edited by June Shanahan 4 years, 10 months ago

Comments (16)

♫ Galilea ♫ said

at 6:59 pm on May 30, 2011

This is so cool! im an Interpersonal and Musical Learner

♫ Galilea ♫ said

at 7:10 pm on May 30, 2011

i tool the Multiple Intelligence Test and these were my strengths (in order):

Musical 4.29
Social 4
Self 3.86
Linguistic 3.29
Logic/Math 2.57
Kinesthetic 2.14
Naturalist 2.14
Spatial 1.71

Alex said

at 7:42 pm on May 30, 2011

I took the test and here are my scores:

Musical: 5
Spatial: 4.71
Kinesthetic: 4.43
Social: 4.29
Linguistic: 4.14
Intrapersonal: 4.14
Logic/Math: 3.43
Naturalist: 2.71

So I guess I'm a musical, and spatial learner. :-)

June Shanahan said

at 8:04 pm on May 30, 2011

You guys!!!! It's a three day week-end, and you took the test before I did!!!!!You are seriously ALWAYS one step ahead of me..or two...or TEN! I'm taking it NOW, then reporting back to you.

June Shanahan said

at 8:14 pm on May 30, 2011

Top Three

Intrapersonal: 4.57
Linguistic: 3.86
Social: 3.57

June Shanahan said

at 11:47 am on Jun 24, 2011

Gosh...on the new test, my strengths register as:

Giggles said

at 3:35 pm on Jun 12, 2011

In order from greatest to least:
Musical: 5
Interpersonal: 4.14
Naturalist: 3.57
Kinesthetic: 3.43
Linguistic: 3.29
Intrapersonal: 3
Logic/Math: 2.29
Spatial: 2.14

June Shanahan said

at 7:28 pm on Jun 12, 2011

I would give you a 5 in Linguistic as well. You are such an amazing writer, reader, speaker, and thinker.

Giggles said

at 1:53 pm on Jun 13, 2011

Aw, thank you! I'm just glad I got the 5 in music, cuz that's always been one of my main focuses and FAVORITE things

steve parker said

at 4:17 pm on Jun 13, 2011

Hey, I need to know about this MI test. Is it online? and no, Mr. Parker wasn't in either video. I was the producer of the event, i coordinated with all the acts to come to Sullivans and just generally organized. It was a way cool day. I do it every year and this year was a good one. the guy in the 2nd video was another of the producers of the show. Now where can I find a MI test? I bet it is on this page right? It is getting blocked at school. I will check at home.

June Shanahan said

at 8:37 pm on Jun 13, 2011

Bottom of this page, middle. Click where it says, "Take the Multiple Intelligence Test." Big Bad Shanahan's Official Prediction: You'll get a 5.0 Linguistic Score.

steve parker said

at 12:58 am on Jul 11, 2011

gpt a 4.31 linguistic, kinestetic an dmusical were also my top 3. Everything else was above a 2.0 though so it said I am using all my intelligences. What a great test. Will figure out some way to incorporate it into next year's Mime day.

patrick said

at 9:27 pm on Jun 13, 2011

I Got
5 Body Movement
4.14 Nature
4 language
4 Musical
3.71 Self
3 Logic/math
2.57 Spacial
2.57 social

Plurby said

at 5:11 pm on Aug 17, 2011

Someone from Boulder Colorada is looking at this page RIGHT NOW

Alex said

at 6:57 am on Aug 29, 2011


Plurby said

at 5:12 pm on Aug 17, 2011


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