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Don Quixote Reporting

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Genre: Humerous Fiction

Phil & Dulcinea 

1. Vocabulary charades: Teacher overview (p. 502, 503). Students work in pairs to teach class a single vocabulary word.

    Discuss: century 

    How many years would four centuries equal? (first paragraph of selection)

2. Map: Spain

3. Preview selection, note that original author is NOT author in our text. Background pg 504 explains. Ask: What could be so interesting about this story based on a guy and a windmill? (Make predictions)

4. Skill: Understanding Characters - Will make it easier for you to make inferences. (pg 505 tri-fold)

5. Discuss: Famous story, made into a play, movie, etc. Sometimes called Man of la Mancha.

6. Science: Discuss windmills, renewable energy, alternative energy VIEW BRAINPOP: WIND ENERGY


7. Introduce: This story is about a guy who gets LOST in reading. He reads so much he goes nuts. Have you ever read a book that has effected your reality? Hunger Games? Twilight? Harry Potter?

8. Click here to read selection. *Record information onto trifold sheet throughout selection.

9. Important post-discussion: Discuss symbolism of windmills. (perceived monsters, overwhelming problems) How do you approach life's overwhelming problems? Charge into them? Run? Have preceived problems ever seemed like harmless windmills in retrospect?

10. Construct windmills.

11. Post-test

12. Drama Groups and performances.

13. Play Dictionary Game With Glossary (5 pts to spell, 5 pts to define) - 10 pts = no hw pass

14. Write a composition about conquering a fear.





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