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Blasting Off To Space Academy

Page history last edited by June Shanahan 11 years, 11 months ago



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Apollo 11 and the Rock Cycle (Search for Apollo 11)

Order of Planets

1. Click here to read Blasting Off To Space Academy

2. In the comment section below, ask "Carol, NASA on-site specialist" a question about NASA!

3. Open Kidspiration, and meet Mrs. Shanahan at the Smartboard. #1

4. Print your Kidspiration Graphic Organizer and play Match It! here.

5. Space Camp Official Web Site

6. View Brainpop:   Gravity   Telescopes  

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Comments (Show all 124)

claudiascobee said

at 12:51 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Dear,Carol how many asurnots do you Know?

caitlinscobee said

at 12:52 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Cool. I love capri suns.( Ross wants to know a lot about NASA).

elizabethscobee said

at 12:52 pm on Sep 30, 2010

jonathan she is not a astronaut!

rachelscobee said

at 12:52 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Wow actully one time i was watching a show and nasa had givin this charactor a vacum packed thankgiving dinner for 8 and it was smaller than a computer screen

Carol said

at 12:54 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Sanjana, I have been on a machine that lets you feel what it's like to dock the Shuttle with a satellite. The machine was moving and the satellite was not fastened to anything so it was moving and it was very hard to bring the two of them together. I was not able to complete my mission but my son was able to do it. I have not been in the plane that makes you feel like you are in space. They call the plane the Vomit Comet and I bet you can guess why. I'm afraid I might me one of the ones that vomits so I just don't want to fly in it.

Carol said

at 1:15 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Rachel, although there is little or no gravity in space, your center of gravity controls how you float or move through space. On Earth your center of gravity is right around where your stomach is. In space, when you push off to go floating toward the far wall, if your center of gravity is not near your stomach, you could end up floating away from the wall you intended to reach.

rachelscobee said

at 8:34 pm on Sep 30, 2010

oh thats good to know

Carol said

at 1:17 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Patrick, I'm in charge of the paperwork. There are a lot of rules that have to be followed for the Space Shuttle to be safe. These rules have to be recorded. Then when they decided to change the rules or change something on the Space Shuttle, these changes have to be recorded and distributed so everyone knows what is going on. I'm in charge of making sure all this happens.

Carol said

at 1:19 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Ross, it's been so long since we went to the moon, it is hard to say how many days it would take. We do things much faster today, so my guess would be a couple of days (2 or 3).

Carol said

at 1:21 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Reana, when we are not on the Shuttle we are planning and training for the next flight. We have 3 Shuttles and each one has to be specially prepared for it's next flight. Also, the astronauts who will fly each flight have to prepare and train for the jobs they will do.

Carol said

at 1:23 pm on Sep 30, 2010

I used to work at Mission Control. During the mission we record anything that "goes wrong". If something doesn't happen like we thought it would, we record it so we can discuss it after the mission. During the mission I would update this list of Anomolies and take the list to each of the people working on Console in Mission Control.

Carol said

at 1:29 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Ross, it is too much fun to be at NASA. You get to meet Astronauts every day (I had lunch with 3 of them last Tuesday). Everyone is friendly and excited about putting people in space. Except when they don't agree about what is best for the Shuttle. Sometimes there are arguements but after everything is said, and everyone has a chance to think about everything that has been said, they all agree to the best way to do it. By the end of the meeting, we are all friends again.

rossscobee said

at 4:34 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Cool, thanks for commenting.

Carol said

at 1:31 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Lilly, very few people have been inside a Space Shuttle. These vehicles are so complicatied, NASA does not want to take the chance that someone would accidentally break any part of the Shuttle. I have been under a Shuttle when they were stacking it (attaching the rockets to it) and have walked next to it when it was being rolled to the launch pad.

Carol said

at 1:36 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Tiana, blasting off into space is the worst part of the trip. You are laying on your back and are being smashed into your seat. It feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest and it seems to take forever to get into space. Actually it only takes a couple of minutes but when you have an elephant sitting on you, it seems to take an hour.

Carol said

at 1:38 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Jacob, my most favorite thing at work is watching a Space Shuttle blast off. I have seen 2 blast offs in person (I was at Florida, close to the launch pad). Both were awesome.

Carol said

at 1:40 pm on Sep 30, 2010

David, there are 3 Space Shuttles but they were not all built at the same time so they are different. There are a lot of things that are the same but there are differences. Like the ones we built later, we built with better computers.

Carol said

at 1:41 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Daryn, I have worked at NASA for over 20 years. Can't do something that long if it's not a lot of fun!

Carol said

at 1:45 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Noel, tethers are too important here at NASA. Loosing an astronaut is not an option, so we take our tether very seriously. We have NEVER had an astronaut float off and we never will. We did have an astronaut forget to tether his tool kit and it floated away. That was a very bad day. NASA doesn't want anything that should be tethered to go floating off into space and the astronaut who lost the tool kit got in a lot of trouble. I don't think he had to pay for the tool kit he lost.

Carol said

at 1:49 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Claudia, I am not an astronaut. I just get to work with them. It is very hard work to be considered for the astronaut program. All of the astronauts have spent many years in college and have many degrees. Every year hundreds apply to NASA to become an astronaut and less than 100 are chosen. I am a wife and mother and was not able to go to college for so many years. I help the astronauts get to space by making sure the paper gets to the right place.

Carol said

at 1:52 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Noel, yes the equipment does malfunction sometimes but we always have a back-up system that we can use.

Carol said

at 1:54 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Jacob, the control panel is big because there are so many controls. A lot of the training is about those controls. So by the time an astronaut sits down at the Space Shuttle control panel, he or she knows everything about every button, light, lever, and control in front of him or her.

Carol said

at 2:00 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Brian, the pool is mostly work. Being under water in your spacesuit is the closest thing to being in space. When the astronauts are in the pool, they are practicing what they will be doing during their space walk. After they have practiced, then when they do it again the people who are teaching them tell them a problem has occurred and watch to see how the astronaut will get around the pretend problem. This helps the astronaut know his job so well, that even if he has a problem when he is in space, he will be able to complete his task.

Carol said

at 2:03 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Caitlin, yes NASA gets interupted because of weather or a malfunction on the launch pad. And Shuttles are not the only space vehicle launched from Florida. There are other rockets that are launched and NASA has to wait its turn.

Carol said

at 2:04 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Sorry, Salvador.

salvadorscobee said

at 6:53 pm on Sep 30, 2010

It's okayI get my name mixed up.

Carol said

at 2:06 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Tiana, I've cleaned up a lot of vomit and NONE of it is famous. Even a famous astronaut does NOT have famous vomit.

Carol said

at 2:08 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Ross, I've never been to space camp but that's because I never want to blast off into space. I'm afraid if I can't fly in the Vomit Comet without throwing up, I'd probably throw up in space and I wouldn't want to do that to my fellow astronauts. I've talked to people who have gone to space camp and they loved it!

Carol said

at 2:10 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Noel, any job at NASA is a great job. We are all part of the team that puts the astronauts into space and brings them home safely. I would say, go for the top. Be an astronaut!

Carol said

at 2:11 pm on Sep 30, 2010

This was fun! Maybe we can do it again sometime.

June Shanahan said

at 3:18 pm on Sep 30, 2010

Carol, you have helped us to be better readers, better writers, better scientists, and better thinkers! We thank you from the bottom of our Challenger hearts! (Our school is Scobee Elementary: named in honor of Dick Scobee, Commander of the Space Shuttle Challenger.)

sarah1scobee said

at 6:45 am on Oct 1, 2010

Do you love working at NASA?

rachelscobee said

at 10:04 am on Oct 1, 2010

I just watched the APOLLO PROJECT on Brainpop.

salvadorscobee said

at 1:02 pm on Oct 2, 2010

Carol, the you for spending your time answering our questions about space.

rachelscobee said

at 5:40 pm on Oct 2, 2010

yeah Carol that ws SOOOO NICE of YOU to wnser ALL of our questions

sarah1scobee said

at 4:37 pm on Oct 3, 2010

Carol,how do they make powder food?

rachelscobee said

at 7:19 pm on Oct 4, 2010

I just watched a brainpo about sir isaac newton

June Shanahan said

at 6:07 pm on Oct 5, 2010


karinscobee said

at 8:20 pm on Oct 5, 2010

Carol, thank you for some NASAgoods! :-)

Anna! said

at 2:55 pm on Sep 20, 2011

Ha Ha I alredy read it!!!

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