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Scientist Research

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State Standard
5.3.D  Connect grade-level appropriate science concepts with the history of science, science careers, and contributions of scientists.



Scientist Report Guidelines


Your assignment is to write a Scientist Report using the MLA (Modern Language Association) format for writing papers. Your report should contain the following:


1.     Your report should be at least two pages long, be double space typed, and include a Works Cited page as the third page. Please use Times Roman font size 12.

2.     Your first and last name (first line) and the name of your teacher (second line) should be typed in the top left hand corner.

3.     Your report should have at least five indented paragraphs.

a.      The first paragraph should be an Introduction.
b.     The second paragraph should have the heading Career.  (Write about your scientist's job.)
c.      The third paragraph should have the heading Contribution. (Write about why your scientist's discoveries or work made a difference in the world.)
d.     The fourth paragraph should have the heading Personal Reflections. (Write about your own thoughts and feelings, in reference to your scientist.)
e.      The fifth paragraph should be a Summary of the report.

4.     Your report should be written in complete sentences and contain correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

5.     Remember to avoid plagiarism by NOT cutting and pasting information from other sources directly into your report.

6.     Examples of Citations:


Book with 1 Author:


Last Name, First Name of Author. Title of Book . City Published in: Publisher, Copyright Date.

for example:


Tessendorf, K.C. Over the Edge: Flying with the Arctic Heroes. New York: Atheneum Books

for Young Readers, 1998.


Electronic Encyclopedia: (World Book  or Britannica Online)


 “Title of Article.” Original Source. Name of Encyclopedia. Year of Edition.

Date of Access. <URL of home page>.


for example:


“Galileo”.  Compton’s by Brittanica. Encycloedia Brittanica Online School Edition. Encyclopedia

Brittanica, 2011. Web. 12 Jan 2011.               http://school eb.com/comptons/article-9274476 


Online Databases (netTrekker or ProQuest)


Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Original Print Source Title. Date. Online

source name. Date accessed <URL link>.

for example


Decker, John. “Disappearing Cheetahs”. National Geographic Science. October, 2011. netTrekker. 03 Apr 2012.






7. Grading Rubric:















Planning Research

Student took excellent and comprehensive notes on the subject.


Student took good notes on the subject.

Student took incomplete notes on the subject.


Information Covered

Student has covered the topic completely.


Student has somewhat covered the topic.

The information is incomplete.


Information Gathered

Student has used at least two different reliable sources.

Student has used two identical sources.

Student has used only one source.



Writing is done in complete sentences, proper punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Writing is done in complete sentences, some punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Writing is not done in complete sentences. Proper punctuation, capitalization and spelling is not used.



Proper Format

Student has written five paragraphs.

Student has written three paragraphs.

Student has written only one paragraph.



Works Cited

The Works Cited page has been done properly.

The Works Cited page is done somewhat correctly.


The report does not have a Works Cited page.






Total Points





                15 – 18 Points                                   Excellent Work (90-100, A)

                10 – 14 Points                                   Good Work (80-90, B)

                6 – 9 Points                                       Needs Improvement (70-80, D-C)

                0 – 5 Points                                       Incomplete (0-50, F)



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